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It’s Not Where I Looked!

This morning, God showed me something quite profound as I was getting ready for work.  He seems to drop a word in my ear most times when I am brushing my teeth in the morning.  Maybe it’s because He can get a word in when my mouth is full of toothpaste!

I had brushed my teeth and washed my face and was getting ready to put on my make-up.  I have a little wicker basket that I keep in the cabinet under the sink with all those womanly make-up accoutrements in it.  On auto-pilot, I opened the cabinet door and, much to my surprise, the basket was not there.  “That’s odd!”  I thought.  “Where did it go?”  I opened the other cabinet door, but it wasn’t there either.  Then I looked up on the counter next to the sink and there sat my basket.

Now when I said a minute ago that it is a little wicker basket, that might be deceiving.  It’s actually about the size of an Easter basket – and was probably used as one many years ago when our children were little.  It even has a handle!  I say all this to help you understand that this is not a basket that hides behind the toothbrush still sitting on the counter.

After looking under the cabinet and being puzzled, when I discovered it sitting on the counter, the very counter in front of which I had been standing to wash my face and brush my teeth for the last several minutes, I heard God say, “What you need is always there – just not necessarily where you have been looking or where you have been accustomed to finding it!”

So, my word to you for the day is, what you need is always there – just not necessarily where you have been looking or where you have been accustomed to finding it in the past!”  We are here to help, to pray with you, to pour into your life, to love you and your families.  Let’s look together!


Words of Encouragement #2


Have you ever had a time when a child came to you and was scared? Maybe it was your own child, a child in your classroom, or a child you were babysitting. Maybe they saw something scary on TV, had a nightmare, or were just worried about something in their life they felt powerless to fix.

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Words of Encouragement #3


Music has been a very central part of my families activities. I can’t even tell you how
many hours were spent taking one child or another to voice lessons, singing
competitions, band or choir practices and concerts, musical auditions, rehearsals, and
performances. Not to mention the evenings spent sharing favorite songs on You Tube
and family karaoke nights. I still love hearing my kids practicing keyboard or working
on a piece of music together. It’s probably one of the things I will miss most when they
are all out of the house.

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The Power of Joy

I was talking with someone the other day who said, “I just want to be happy!”  And I can certainly relate – who doesn’t want to be happy?  I’m not sure any of us wakes up in the morning saying to ourselves, “Oh now this would be a great day to be miserable – or at least unhappy!”

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What makes King’s Kids Academy different

I recently had a parent ask me, “What makes King’s Kids Academy different than all the other Christian childcare centers?” The question gave me a moment of pause. I have no problem telling someone what is special about King’s Kids Academy. My answer is usually simply stated as, “It’s a place that is filled with the Holy Spirit and that presence touches everyone who enters, whether they are seeking it or not.” That is still an accurate answer to what makes KKA special. However, if I am asked to define what makes us unique among other Spirit-filled centers, that offers a different challenge. You may not know this, but I love a challenge.

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Tips for Healthy Habits

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6 Solutions for
Establishing Healthy Habits With Your Children

Your children look to you for guidance and wisdom. You are the source of their strength and happiness, so it comes as no surprise that you can also be a source of sustainable, healthy habits. Teaching children to live in health and harmony can help them blossom into happy adults. If you want to give your children the priceless gift of health, here’s some advice to help you along the way.

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Inspire Your Child

How to Inspire Your Child to Explore Nature

Thanks to the current culture and the rise of electronic games, more children have been choosing to stay at home during the day than ever before. However, outdoor exploration is
good for children’s development and can play a powerful part in helping them become independent, curious individuals. Here are some ways you can encourage your child to explore the outdoors — and keep them safe in the process.

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