A Family In Need

Hello Everyone, I heard today of a family that lost everything in a fire last night! While they are not directly a part of King’s Kids Academy, they are connected to someone who is. This dear family ran out of their house in bare feet, stopping only to make sure the children (twin three year [&hel

The Power of Joy

I was talking with someone the other day who said, “I just want to be happy!”  And I can certainly relate – who doesn’t want to be happy?  I’m not sure any of us wakes up in the morning saying to ourselves, “Oh now this would be a great day to be miserable ̵

Tips for Healthy Habits

Photo by Pexels 6 Solutions for Establishing Healthy Habits With Your Children Your children look to you for guidance and wisdom. You are the source of their strength and happiness, so it comes as no surprise that you can also be a source of sustainable, healthy habits. Teaching children to live in

Words of Encouragement #5

WORDS OF ENCOURAGEMENT (Week of November 7-11) Music has been a very central part of my families activities. I can’t even tell you how many hours were spent taking one child or another to voice lessons, singing competitions, band or choir practices and concerts, musical auditions, rehearsals,

Words of Encouragement #4

WORDS OF ENCOURAGEMENT  (Week of October 24-28) Have you ever had a time when a child came to you and was scared? Maybe it was your own child, a child in your classroom, or a child you were babysitting. Maybe they saw something scary on TV, had a nightmare, or were just worried about something [&he

School Helpful Idea, Head Lice

Dear K.K.A. Families,   As children return to schools we often start to see head lice outbreaks happen in the schools, which some times leads to little outcrops here. We have had 1 suspected case of head lice in Jr K and 1 suspected case in School-age.   We take every precaution to prevent the [&h