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Words of Encouragement #3


Music has been a very central part of my families activities. I can’t even tell you how
many hours were spent taking one child or another to voice lessons, singing
competitions, band or choir practices and concerts, musical auditions, rehearsals, and
performances. Not to mention the evenings spent sharing favorite songs on You Tube
and family karaoke nights. I still love hearing my kids practicing keyboard or working
on a piece of music together. It’s probably one of the things I will miss most when they
are all out of the house.

Our family is very aware of the power of music. Music has the ability to impact lives in
an incredibly powerful way. Think about your iTune playlists or Pandora stations. Do
you have that music station or list you listen to when you are trying to relax and unwind
or fall asleep? What about that date night play list you playas you are getting ready to
go out with your girlfriends or significant other … you know the one that pumps you up?
I’m sure you have that music you listen to when you’re just dragging and you need an
energy boost and we even have those songs we listen to when we just need time to be
sad for a little while.

God knows music has the power to touch and impact people. There are many, many
verses in the Bible that speaks of using music to praise, celebrate, grieve, and lift our
spirits in times of trouble. In fact, the greatest king of Israel, King David, was a very
talented musician and wrote the book of Psalms as a musical tribute to God.

How blessed we are that God created music for us to experience and share. In fact, He
shares music with us too. Did you know He actually sings over us? I have always loved
that picture of my heavenly father singing over me. I often recall that vision on days
when I am struggling and it brings me joy and comfort. I wonder what God’s singing
voice sounds like.

How do you use music in your life? Do you ever make music part of your personal
worship time? How do you use music in your classroom with your children? What
impact does music have at home?

Give some thought to a few songs you can keep in your heart and pull out when you
need that lift to your spirit. It really works to bring out the sun on a cloudy day!

Zephaniah 3: 1 7

Kari Eggers

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