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Words of Encouragement #2


Have you ever had a time when a child came to you and was scared? Maybe it was your own child, a child in your classroom, or a child you were babysitting. Maybe they saw something scary on TV, had a nightmare, or were just worried about something in their life they felt powerless to fix.

What did you do? Did you tell them they were being ridiculous? Did you give them a hug? Did you show them there was nothing under the bed or in the closet? Did you sit with them for a while until their fear subsided? Did you give them something to comfort them…a favorite blanket or stuffed animal?

Most of the time children’s fears are not grounded in reality. While “the monster under the bed” may seem very real to them, we know a monster isn’t really going to jump out from under the bed and grab our children. It’s easy to comfort child fears we know aren’t a real threat. However, facing and comforting grown up fears is much more challenging.

Grown up fears are often very real and sometimes very big…a medical diagnosis that is life threatening or life altering, financial problems that seem insurmountable, the threat of a relationship ending, our children making unsafe decisions, and on and on the list goes. These grown-up fears are not so easy to fix with a hug, stuffed animal, or a flashlight under the bed. Our grown up fears can seem like a tidal wave about to bowl us over.

Most of us dearly want to allay the fears of the children we love. Did you know our Heavenly Father wants the same for us? He wants to obliterate every fear that tries to wiggle it’s way into our thoughts, words, and actions. In fact He has given us His word that He will overcome every fear and all we have to do is trust Him and have faith that He’s got it covered.

I know what you’re thinking, “All I have to do is trust Him and have faith? That’s not as easy as it sounds, Kari.” You would be right in that…sort of.  Any time you try to establish a new habit, it’s not so easy at the beginning. You have to keep doing it and if you keep doing it then it’s just second nature. It becomes your “go to” automatic response. Standing in faith over fear is a habit that needs to be developed and it requires practicing it by choosing it over and over. Thankfully, God does not ask for blind faith. If you take that step in faith, He will meet you and He’ll meet you for the next step and the next and the next. By choosing to stand in faith when fear begins to creep in, you see God’s hand actively moving in your life. He will honor your faith because your faith honors Him and He loves you!

Isaiah 41:13
For I am the Lord your God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, “Do not fear, I will help you.”

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