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What makes King’s Kids Academy different

I recently had a parent ask me, “What makes King’s Kids Academy different than all the other Christian childcare centers?” The question gave me a moment of pause. I have no problem telling someone what is special about King’s Kids Academy. My answer is usually simply stated as, “It’s a place that is filled with the Holy Spirit and that presence touches everyone who enters, whether they are seeking it or not.” That is still an accurate answer to what makes KKA special. However, if I am asked to define what makes us unique among other Spirit-filled centers, that offers a different challenge. You may not know this, but I love a challenge.

So what makes KKA different than other Christ-centered programs? The truth is, I can’t really answer that as a comparison of other programs because I don’t know enough about all of them. However, as I connect with other directors and speak at conferences around the Midwest, I have found a single truth about KKA that is different and special. Here is what makes us so special. We are a community offering a place of sanctuary to everyone who walks through our doors. I mean EVERYONE. What does the KKA sanctuary offer?

  • A place where burdens are unloaded and left at the feet of the only One who can carry them away.
  • Acceptance that stands on the truth that Jesus died so everyone would be accepted by the Father, without exception, expectation, conditions, or failure so we are expected to offer the same.
  • Love that has no boundaries, because the love given comes from the One who is love itself.
  • Faith in action because words are empty and faith is dead if we don’t put our hands and feet to work living it.
  • A unity of heart that reaches out in all directions, lifting up, encouraging, supporting, and loving every heart within the community, so that no one ever feels isolated, unknown, or alone.

The Holy Spirit certainly fills KKA and that is the source of the sanctuary He called us to build. It is why our teachers who leave come back time and time again to rest and recharge in the sanctuary they miss. It is the same reason parents who move away still call, email and visit us to draw back into the love of the sanctuary that still carries them. It is why no teacher at KKA, regardless of the struggles they face, ever feels like they are facing it alone. It is why I love walking through our doors every single morning, no matter what burden my heart may be carrying because I know this is where the burden will be lifted! We are so glad you have been drawn into this special place that we call sanctuary. May your spirit always walk through and out our doors in the peace that surpasses all understanding!

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