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School Year 2020

King’s Kids Academy

School-Age Club

Growing In Grace!

2020-2021 School Year

King’s Kids Academy

8133 Mansion Hill Ave.

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To guarantee a place, complete the registration form. Mark all of the days you will be attending accurately (minimum of three days per week). If you need extra days, check with Kari or the teacher to ensure there is space available on that day. Please return the registration form, along with a check for registration fees to:

King’s Kids Academy, 8133 Mansion Hill Avenue, Madison, WI 53719

You will receive a confirmation via mail or email as soon as we receive the completed form and fee.

Additional Fees:

Registration fee: $30.00 per child (20% discount on oldest children)

Materials fee: $25 per semester(for Kindergarten only-no discount)

Tuition Fees:

There is a 20% discount for the oldest child(ren) when two or more attend King’s Kids Academy on the same days. The 20% discount does not apply to the KKA Kindergarten Program.

2020-2021 School Year

ProgramFull Time RateDaily Rate
Before School$60$15
Virtual Learning Support$80$20
Creative Exploration$80 (when combined with VLS)
$103 (When only attending p.m)
After School$60$15
Full Day$220$51

You will be billed for the days of the week that you request, for the entire school year, regardless if your child attends. This includes days that the school is closed, snow days, Holidays, Fall, Winter and Spring Breaks, or if your child is out due to illness, appointments or vacation.

Please notify King’s Kids Academy if your child will not be attending on a normally scheduled day, including days they are picked up from school due to illness or appointments.

Program Descriptions:

Before School: 6:30-8:00 Children have the opportunity to play and explore classroom activities before breakfast and daily activities or school begin. This time is supervised by a KKA staff.

KKA Kindertarten 8:00-12:00 The King’s Kids Academy Kindergarten program is available for children who will be 5 years old by September 1, 2020. It is a half day program, designed to meet all the requirements to qualify your child for entry into first grade in September 2021. It is taught by a DPI licensed teacher, utilizing the Christian School Kindergarten curriculum from Abeka. Breakfast and a snack will be served.

Virtual Learning Support: 8:00-12:00 Children will have the support of a KKA staff to check the virtual learning assignments, connect on classroom zoom calls, stay on task with classroom assignments, and receive support to understand assigned school work. Virtual Learning Support also includes breakfast and a break for recess, as well as academically challenging activities to choose from when school assignments are completed. This program is not directly supervised by a DPI licensed teacher but the assigned staff will have the support of a DPI licensed teacher in-site when assistance is needed,

Creative Exploration: 12:00-5:30 Child lead, teacher engaged play is a critical component for children to learn and develop. They don’t always get enough time for this kind of interactive learning when at school. At KKA we call this kind of learning POP Time (Power of Play). The Creative Exploration program incorporates POP Time to give children an opportunity to play, explore art, socialize with friends, play outside, and engage in play-based learning activities with friends, while supervised by a KKA staff. Lunch and and a snack are provided during this program time.

After School: 3:00-5:30 This is the usual after school programming, which includes snack, outside play time, art activities, play-based brain challenges, and opportunities for exploration of personal interests.

Full Day: 6:30-5:30 This includes all programming offered in before school, virtual learning support, community extras, and after school.

Download and fill in the the registration form for each child

(Click Here for printable registration form)

Return to: King’s Kids Academy 8133 Mansion Hill ave, Madison Wisconsin, 53719 Include the appropriate registration fees.

Have any question Call – Kari eggers at