From Our Heart To Yours

Faith is NOT Flying Blind!

Walking by faith is not like flying blind as some assume, with your eyes pinched shut, hoping it will work out. Walking by faith is like flying by the instrument panel. Pilots, who are in clouds or experiencing vertigo in their bodies and are not sure which way is up or down, turn to the […]

Will Doctors Agree?

Dear Parents, Next time you visit your doctor, I would be interested in their thoughts on this new technology.  Would you be willing to ask them their thoughts?  You can let me know in the comment section.  Thank you!

Words of Encouragement #5

WORDS OF ENCOURAGEMENT (Week of November 7-11) Music has been a very central part of my families activities. I can’t even tell you how many hours were spent taking one child or another to voice lessons, singing competitions, band or choir practices and concerts, musical auditions, rehearsals, and performances. Not to mention the evenings spent […]

Building A Healthy Home

Building A Healthy Home All the cultures of the world promote family life. A family is the most important demographic unit from more than one aspect. The culture and society of a nation is very much affected by the way the families live in that country. Family life is important. People become what they become […]


WORDS OF ENCOURAGEMENT  (Week of October 24-28) Have you ever had a time when a child came to you and was scared? Maybe it was your own child, a child in your classroom, or a child you were babysitting. Maybe they saw something scary on TV, had a nightmare, or were just worried about something […]

Helpful Hints

Dear K.K.A. Families,   As children return to schools we often start to see head lice outbreaks happen in the schools, which some times leads to little outcrops here. We have had 1 suspected case of head lice in Jr K and 1 suspected case in School-age.   We take every precaution to prevent the […]