Jr. Kindergarten room! At this age, the classroom is designed for fun and
learning with some structure and lots of adventure.
District 4K programs were patterned after high-quality Jr. K programs found in centers like ours!
Curriculum is developed with an eye to detailed emphasis on pre-school activities. Transition times are filled with songs, story telling and guessing games.
Themes are designed to stimulate our soon-to-be-Kindergarten children’s continuing curiosity and desire to ‘show what they know’! They can last for one or two weeks each. Projects become more intricate to enhance emerging small motor skills and deductive reasoning.
Handwriting Without Tears, weekly Library trips, exciting field trips, visits to neighborhood nursing care facilities, enrichment programs, swimming lessons and The Adventures of Mat Man all combine to make this year before Kindergarten a wonderful time of growing up!
Manners are emphasized and there are daily classroom helpers. In this way, children learn to enjoy helping and to appreciate the efforts of others.
Fun and learning is the main focus of the Jr. K room. Kindergarten is just around the corner and we cherish every moment before that new adventure begins!