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A Family Need

A Family In Need

Hello Everyone,

I heard today of a family that lost everything in a fire last night! While they are not directly a part of King’s Kids Academy, they are connected to someone who is.

This dear family ran out of their house in bare feet, stopping only to make sure the children (twin three year old girls and an older brother) made it out safely. Everything else was a total loss.

I am coming to our community to help. If you have clothing, boots, shoes, coats, etc. that your children and family members have outgrown, would you please consider bringing these items to the center. We will make sure they get to the family.

The twin girls wear 3T clothing and size 7 shoes.

The son wears men’s 2XL and size 12 shoes.

The father is also a 2XL and size 12 shoes.

And the mother is size XL and 8 1/2 shoes.

Please take a look at your house and let’s gather around this dear family!

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